Presenting Aamra Valley Spacious luxury apartments set amidst the lush landscapes overlooking new Bhopal. Nestled in the lush green valley on Sunkhedi, Aamra Valley is just 5 minutes from Hoshangabad road or Kolar road. Aamra Valley is situated at a prime location in Sunkhedi, Bhopal. With options of 2 & 3 BHK. These exclusive premium residences are flanked by the protected beautiful green valley on one side, and the magnificent Bhopal Ridge on the other, creating a haven that stands in harmony with the chirping birds and evergreen trees. Spacious, low density apartment layouts further accentuate its idyllic, old-world charm. Come, experience the perfect union of nature and architecture at Aamra Valley.

Quality is Never By Chance. It is The Result Of Endless Adherence To A Well-defined Process. It is Our Personal Commitment That Aamra Velley Will No Just Deliver Superior But Above Expectation Realty Solutions.
"Expect Nothing Less Than The Best From Us"

Aamra Eden Park adheres lo the principle of preserving and nurturing the environment A pollution free green and healthy natural surroundings is what we aim to provide or our generations to come. All Aamra projects are thus, carefully designed to encompass fundamentals of an eco friendly architecture. are ways an means by which the Company is determined to be steadfast to its commitment of providing a holistic healthy environment to all its customers.

Aamra Eden Park seek to go beyond building edifices, into the realm of designing holistic environmental solutions. These will be self-sufficient high quality townships aimed at revolutionizing lifestyles in totality and offering pollution-tree, hassle-free healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Aamra Eden Park offers its residents contemporary living at its best in the heart of a thriving city. Designed to enhance community living with a touch of luxury, it has everything that says,
"You are worth it."